Providing a complete solution

Our plant installation engineers can undertake all aspects of substation layout, design and high voltage electrical installations, from early planning and investigation to project management of plant installation within live substation environments.

We will undertake detailed analysis to identify risks identified and will design the substation layout to mitigate risk within the project planning stage. We will provide a pre-tender plant layout solution which thereby minimises change and associated impact on time, cost and quality.

Our engineering team have numerous years of experience working within all areas of the utility industry. Previous substation installation projects range from distribution substations, GIS substations, across in-situ and off-line installation of switchgear and transformers

Utility Services:

  • Installation
  • Construction
  • Preparation of tender/Detailed drawings and documentation
  • Technical assessment of tender returns
  • Programming of proposed works to incorporate local network constraints and site specific limitations
  • Monitoring construction progress
  • Inspection of completed works
  • As-built surveys of completed works

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