High voltage, HV cable installation & route design

Providing HV cable installation and design services across the UK. Our cable engineers can undertake all aspects of cable installation and route design, from early planning and investigation to cable pulling calculations and project management of cable laying activities. Previous installation projects range from small fault repairs to a full HV cable replacement route, across varying installations through inner city, urban and rural landscapes, incorporating a wide range of ‘Areas of Engineering Difficulty’ (AED’s).

Our Underground Cabling Services Include:

  • Route Optioneering
  • Cable Detailed Design
  • Cable Rating Design
  • Thermomechanical Reports
  • Pulling Tension Calculations/Drawings
  • 3D CAD modelling
  • Design/Installation of Cable Support Structures
  • Pre-Site Surveys
  • Project Management
  • Audits of Excavations
  • Monitoring
  • Inspections of Completed Works
  • As Constructed Records

Our early planning solutions include the following services designed to minimise project risk through:-

  • Carrying out trial hole investigations in ‘Areas of Engineering Difficulty’ and in utility congested areas to minimise aborted installations and subsequent financial variations and programme disruption.
  • Co-ordinating wayleave and easement negotiations at the planning stage to anticipated associated risks to cost and programme
  • Third party liaison with Environment Agency, Local Authorities, Network Rail and others to obtain all necessary approvals prior to project tender issue.
  • Production of detailed HV cable installation and route planning reports with all information required to enable client planning and contractors to prepare competitive tender estimates.

For further information about HV cables, please do not hesitate to contact us.