Client: Electricity North West (ENWL), Manchester Airport Group (MAG)

Outline Project Description

As Part of Manchester Airport Group (MAG), The biggest UK owned Airport Operator. as part of their £1 Billion airport Transformation Programme, requirement to carry out diversiions on two underground 33Kv cables

Manchester Airport Group in partnership with BAM Construction are developing the land highlighted in the areas shown in Figure 1 below. As part of the development there are 2 N° existing 33kV GA circuits and associated pilot cables that traverse the existing car park area, as highlighted in figure 2 which requires diverting to facilitate enabling works for proposed site levels, haul road construction and construction of new road and car park area

EDES Involvement

  • Trial Holes to be undertaken for joint bay locations
  • Install ENW Approved Ducts (2 x 150mm) and marker tape to 33kV specification
  • Install ENW Approved Communication Ducts (2 x 100mm) and marker tape to 33kV specification
  • Divert 2 N° 33kV GA circuits and associated pilot cables
  • Excavate 6 N° 33kV joint bays to ENW Specification
  • Install approx. 6 x 1200m of 500mm² XLPE Single Core Cable and 3 x 1200m of pilot cable
  • Undertake Jointing to 33kV Specification
  • Undertake Jointing of Communication Cables
  • Excavation, backfill and reinstate of joint bays
  • Decommission existing 33kV circuits